Manufacturing is the most complicated part of business, Where lot’s of OEMs get stuck and don’t get enough time to innovate and market their products and start making loss of revenue. A strategic partner that helps you to optimizes growth by leaving burden of manufacturing and design.

PCB Fabrication

Whether its prototype, low or high volume, single layer, multi layer, rigid or flex fabrication, TRIAC Electronics can meet your every demand. PCBs act as the backbone of all electronics and TRIAC Electronics has integrated PCB fabrication to provide complete solution of electronics manufacturing. We have integrated highly qualified production team to take care of your manufacturing. PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly get from the best EMS services provider of India. It can offer full turn-key, complete end-to-end manufacturing services, spanning various sectors such as Consumer Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Wireless Communications and Green Energy.

PCB Assembly

TRIAC Electronics has team of highly experienced assembly engineer’s, who have decades of experience in electronic assembly. We can assemble simple board to highly complex muliti layer boards with mixed placement requirements. We have AEGIS manufacturing process control with online operator instructions at each assembly station, supporting simplicity and efficiency including barcode gate control and tracking of each process stage ensures our high-quality levels. TRIAC Electronics exceeds the most stringent criteria used to judge electronic manufacturing, electronic assembly processes and quality control.

Mechanical Box Build Assembly

TRIAC Electronics Mechanical Box Build Assembly specializes in assembling any type of box build – from simple projects that require placing electronic systems into simple enclosures (plastic) with displays or interfaces, to very complex projects that involve multiple cable arrangements and metal enclosures. We have PCB conformal coating and potting capabilities. We also have a clean room environment for medical and touch-screen assembly. Our mechanical technicians are equipped with the appropriate resources and calibrated tools to assemble the most challenging and complex product configurations. Our engineering team connects with our clients to ensure specific instructions, Final testing and burn-in requirements are implemented prior to packaging and shipping procedures.

Design & Development

Understanding Customers’ Requirements: Customers can engage at any level of the design process. We produce a series of initial product concept designs. Our analysis, based on these product concept designs, is presented to the customer with a roadmap, which sets the direction for the product development process. We offer design and manufacturing solutions, enabling a smooth transition from the prototype to full scalable production. We are experts in final product packaging, including adding product accessories for a wide range of industries in order to avoid additional warehousing and logistics. Our Operations team are experts in shipping the final finished products directly to the end user.