We deliver the quality that build customer confidence. Quality reduces maintenance, return and post sales support and that’s how we define product success.

Suppliers Management System

Triac electronics check suppliers according to the certifications, trade references, and team size. We also consider supplier’s inventory, Scale , and other aspects when choosing suppliers.

Triac perform further checks even for pre-screened suppliers. We drew up professional interior suppliers’ systems of grading by using ISO9001:2015 as our standard. We rate quality, delivery, quantity and delivery circles according to the ISO standard. We screen out our suppliers by month, quarter and year according to different levels.

Triac appoints special purchasers who manage our suppliers point-to-point construction. Our purchasers will take random spot checks, communicate with our suppliers, visit our suppliers and turn in our suppliers accurate and detailed reports. All of our suppliers are on file by the end of the process.

Quality Testing System

X-RAY Flouresence
Material Analysis

The spectrometer is used far measuring the controlled elements in lead-free and RoHS compliant devices and determining the composition of plating materials. We also use this equipment for helping to detect reconditioned and resurfaced parts by measuring the plating thickness and variations in the composition of the surface material.

External Visual Inspection

The first, and most essential step for any component evaluation is visual inspection process. The procedure and acceptance standards have been developed in order to detect and report evidence of remarking, resurfacing, and refurbishing marking permanency. Resistance to solvents, resurfacing, dimension verification, marking code matching, high-power magnification inspection of body and terminal condition are standard methods within our inspection process. All inspections and observations are reviewed by Quality Engineers to evaluate whether we are seeing a new counterfeiting technique.


A destructive test that removes the insulation material of the component to reveal the die. The die is then analyzed for markings and architecture to determine traceability and authenticity of the device, Magnification power of up to 1,000x is necessary to identify die markings and surface anamolies. Qur decapsulation report includes analysis of the die markings and topography to clarify what is verified versus still unverified about a device. We do not only send images and leave the analysis up to you.

Solderability Testing

This is not a counterfeit detection method as oxidation occurs naturally; however, itis a significant issue for functionality and is particularly prevalent in hat, humid climates such as Southeast Asia and the southern states in North America. The joint standard J-STD-002 defines the test methods and accept/reject criteria for thru-hole, surface mount, and BGA devices. For non-BGA surface mount devices, the dip-and-look is employed and the “ceramic plate test” for BGA devices has recently been incorporate inta cur suite of services. Devices that are delivered in inappropriate packaging, acceptable packaging but are aver one year old, or display contamination on the pins are recommended for solderability testing.


Delivery System

Material Incoming

when the materials reached, warehouse people will do visual checking of manufacturers’ trademark, part number, lot number, quantity, label, and package.Then they will use instrument to verify Original label print and marking, once everything get verified, it will be approved into our warehouse and make photos records.

Material Storage
confirm the package and good condition of stored parts on schedule.
making vacuum packing for the materials, also put the humidity indicator inside the package.
remaking our company special labels for the materials outside the package for traceability.
we store them rigorously in classification as different categories, performance, features, and usages.
Material Delivery
The finance department approve and confirm the delivery.
Warehouse double verify the package and status when the parts leave, and input relevant information in our system, then make a release sheet.
Inform the salesmen to recheck the parts after finishing the list, and arrange freight express without any problem.
Carefully packed the materials with airpocket and bubbles inside the package box to avoid any damage during the transit.
Provide Shipment information, like tracking number, weight, dimension, freight and so on, and back these details to customer.
Focus on shipments getting delivered in the real time, , try to make customer receiving materials safely in short time.