A strategic partner that helps you to optimizes growthby liquidating the excess inventory.


TRIAC, helps OEMs, CEMs and EMS to manage their excess inventory. We have global network of distributors and customers that helps our partners to manage their excess inventory. Our marketing approach is focused to fulfill the global demand of electronic components that helps our partner to easily recover their cash by selling out excess inventory..

Excess inventory ties up cash flow

A company acquires inventory for the purpose of reselling the merchandise at a profit turning that inventory into cash that can be used to pay the day to day expenses of the company. Excess inventory decreases this cash flow by holding the cash in goods form and preventing it from being put to use elsewhere.

Loss of revenue

Excess merchandise loses value the longer it is held in stock, as the demand for that product diminishes, and it takes “shelf space” away from a newer product with perhaps a higher profit margin. Additionally, holding costs for excess inventory such as warehousing, insurance, and taxes, further diminish profits. Having excess products with an expiration date represents an even bigger loss as these items are no longer viable once the date has passed and will have to be disposed of entirely – without any return on investment.

Partner with us

Partnering with TRIAC, can enable you to leverage our expertise, marketing approach, and global reach. We have the data that can help you to maximize the growth and profits. As a global distributor of electronic components, we have that capabilities of revenue that can help you easily sell your excess inventory and manage cash flow in your business.